Surestar LiDAR Powers Intelligent Networking

2022-05-23 10:45:52

Over the years, Surestar's innovation and application practice in the production and research direction of autonomous driving lidar. The industry-related process of autonomous driving is further accelerated. Whether it is in terms of public transportation, rental, logistics or special operation vehicles, in order to achieve vehicle-road coordination, high accuracy, safety and reliability, autonomous driving lidar is inseparable.

Point cloud image of Surestar driverless vehicle lidar

The picture has a high degree of fine reproduction

R-Fans-16/32, with the advantages of 200m ultra-long distance measurement, higher reflection, coincidence rate, imaging consistency and other advantages, has been able to drive on complex environmental roads. The front-mounted C-Fans-32/128 solid-state lidar based on the TOF principle has already obtained the radar radiation safety certificate issued by the US FDA, and has been used in different scenarios such as unmanned trucks and logistics and freight.

Surestar self-driving lidar already used on special vehicles's unmanned logistics vehicle is equipped with R-Fans

Military unmanned vehicles have also been equipped with R-Fans

V2X vehicle-road coordination, C-Fans installation at traffic lights

Relevant policies, industrial environment, and technological scenarios are all important factors in autonomous driving. As a domestic national brand, Surestar relies on the deep accumulation of technology in the surveying and mapping lidar industry in the past 14 years, and the navigation and obstacle avoidance lidar in the past 5 years. The independent research and development of products is bound to become the backbone of them.