Founded in 2005, SureStar has been focusing on the development of LiDAR products and applications. All the "first" events related to LiDAR in China have been associated with SureStar. 

Starting with mapping LiDAR, SureStar is also the earliest company to launch the first automotive LiDAR in China on May 11, 2016. Equipped with the capability of manufacturing a full range of mapping LiDAR and automotive LiDAR, SureStar has supplied quality LiDAR products and solutions to clients in Europe, North America, South America, Australia, Africa, and other parts of Asia.

Headquartered in Beijing, SureStar has established a production facility in Suzhou, an integration and application center in Hefei, a registered subsidiary in the USA, and has many distributors worldwide. 

In August 2017, the Chinese Society for Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation conferred SureStar with the license to establish the “LiDAR Test and Evaluation Center". This center is the first LiDAR testing and evaluation laboratory in China that provides services to the public and industry players. As a leader in LiDAR technology, SureStar is committed to assuming responsibilities to build up a thriving and constructive LiDAR community.