R Fans 16/32

R-Fans navigation LiDAR features long-range, high accuracy, and intensity resolution. It weighs 738 g. With 360 ° scanning, R-Fans acquires 3-D spatial images within its radius. There are two types for users to choose: R-Fans-16 with 16 beams and R-Fans-32 with 32 beams. Beams are evenly distributed or dense in the middle. Users are free to choose according to different application scenarios.
Strict tests on accuracy, range, temperature tolerance, and vibration fully prove the durability of R-Fans. R-Fans is certified as class 1 laser product and radiation safe by FDA of USA. R-Fans has been applied for autonomous driving, aircraft obstacle avoidance, smart robot, and SLAM. R-Fans offers SDK for users to develop their software package and align with various platforms.