Application of Surestar Airborne Lidar in Power Line Patrol

2022-05-30 10:54:27

Surestar E+AP helicopter lidar power line inspection system is developed for the low-altitude power line inspection requirements of the power grid.

The E+AP system integrates a SurestarAP-0500 airborne laser scanner, a high-precision inertial navigation system, a low-altitude wide-angle digital combination camera, and a pod device certified by the aviation control authority, can acquire high-density laser point cloud and high-definition image data of power line corridor.

After several power line inspection flight verifications, the E+AP airborne laser power line inspection system has the following characteristics:

1. The low-altitude wide-angle digital combination camera solves the problem that the current lidar power line inspection needs to fly high and low to obtain images, and achieves more with less effort;

2. The AP-0500 airborne lidar has a high point frequency, which can meet the point density requirement of 50-60pts/m2 for power line patrol when the helicopter speed is 50km per hour;

3. The pod device certified by the aviation control bureau ensures the safety of helicopter flight;

4. The system is highly integrated, the control cabin is light and portable, and the cable connection is simple and easy;

5. The software functions such as route planning, navigation, monitoring operation, and data calculation are well configured;

6. Real-time display of data profile, convenient for operators to monitor equipment status.