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  • C Fans 128 Navigation LiDAR

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    The C-Fans-128 is a high-resolution lidar that provides navigation and obstacle avoidance for autonomous vehicles through real-time 3D imaging with an update frequency of 20-80 Hz.

    Compared with other solid-state lidar, the C-Fans-128 has a larger field of view (150 ° horizontal), a longer range (200 m@20% reflectivity) and a higher resolution.

    The C-Fans-128 uses a semiconductor laser, a photoelectric sensor, 3 signal processing chips, and a solid-state laser transceiver module, which has the advantages of low cost, small size, low power consumption, high reliability and strong environmental adaptability.

    The C-Fans-128 lidar has been tested for vibration, fatigue, high and low temperature, waterproofing, electromagnetic compatibility and other reliability criteria. C-Fans-128 has been tested in a certified laboratory, meets the Class 1 human eye safety standard, and has received a radiation safety certificate issued by FDA of USA.
    SureStar has obtained IATF 16949 automotive industry quality management system compliance certification, meaning that product quality in the development and production process is fully guaranteed.