The unmanned delivery robots equipped with the R Fans 32 LiDAR

2020-06-05 16:45:16

In the JD headquarters of Unmanned Logistics, the unmanned delivery robots equipped with the R-Fans-32 LiDAR have officially run in Changsha for trial operation. 

Named as Super Shadow 800C, the robots delivered their goods from the JD Logistics Changsha Station to China Railway Construction International Center. Equipping delivery robots with SureStar R-Fans LiDAR, JD acknowledges SureStar leading position in the LiDAR industry.

The R-Fans is installed to the top of the robot, about 1.7m above the ground. As an indispensable "eye" for unmanned driving, LiDAR is taking another step to facilitate the ease and convenience of automated parcel delivery.