Our R-Fans series products obtained FDA certification

2020-06-05 16:29:05

Beijing SureStar Technology Co. Ltd. navigation LiDAR R-Fans-16 and -32 have obtained Radiation Safety Certificates issued by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This means these two SureStar products can be imported into the United States for sale and gives SureStar its first victory in the highly competitive US navigation market.

In 1968, the US government passed the Radiation Control for Health and Safety Act, aiming to protect the public from unnecessary radiation from electronic products. For this purpose, the FDA has established relevant performance standards for radiation-emitting electronic products, and it is mandatory to comply with those standards for a product to enter the US market. R-Fans-16 and R-Fans-32 have undergone several rounds of FDA testing to verify that the two products, designed and manufactured by SureStar, comply with 21 CFR part 1040.10 – Laser products.

Dr. Zhang Zhiwu, CEO of SureStar, said: "The fact that our R-Fans series products obtained FDA certification shows that the safety and quality of our Navigation LiDAR have been recognized worldwide. The US market is an indicator of global driverless technology application. SureStar will leverage our rich technical resources accumulated in the fields of LiDAR, optical, semiconductor components and signal processing to actively promote its products and expand its overseas market share, and thus drive SureStar into a potential market worth hundreds of billions of USD.

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