Surestar Attends Zhongguancun Innovation Platform 2022 Industry Salon

2022-04-18 09:32:47

On April 15, 2022, the third industrial salon in 2022 of the Zhongguancun Science City Intelligent Connected Vehicle Collaborative Innovation Platform was successfully held. Representatives of upstream and downstream enterprises of intelligent networked vehicles gathered together to stir up industry wisdom, exchange industry status, and discuss the development trend of intelligent driving.

Zhao Dongbai, product director of Surestar, was invited to attend this event and shared Surestar's trend insights, innovative technologies and latest achievements in the field of intelligent connected vehicles through a keynote speech on "Hard Indicators for Lidar On-board Vehicles".

With the theme of "Smart Cars, Smart Driving, Smart Future", this salon was hosted by the Zhongguancun Science City Smart Connected Vehicle Collaborative Innovation Platform. The platform is committed to integrating the resources of government, industry, academia and research. The industrial salon event established by the Zhongguancun Science City Intelligent Connected Vehicle Collaborative Innovation Platform has received strong support from many experts, scholars and enterprises in the field of Zhongguancun Intelligent Connected Vehicles. Surestar also actively contributes to the development and construction of the platform.

During the event, Zhao Dongbai took the target market and product hard indicators of intelligent connected car lidar as the entry point, and explained to the guests from multiple dimensions the key role of lidar in high-level autonomous driving, as well as lidar's role in object perception, high-precision Applications in maps, real-time positioning, dynamic tracking, and target classification. It also shared Surestar's latest technology research and development and practical results in the field of autonomous driving. He said: Surestar has broken through many technical barriers in self-developed chips, functional safety, active anti-jamming, etc., and it has mature market applications in many segments. With the advancement of the market, the company continues to polish products from multiple dimensions such as mass production optimization, cost, service life, and aesthetics.

Precise perception, efficient and intelligent

In the future, Surestar will continue to accelerate the research and development of self-developed chips, and launch high-performance lidar products with higher integration and better cost, injecting strong momentum into the first year of mass production of lidar. We look forward to working with more partners in the field of ICVs to help the development and transformation of ICVs.(