We were established in 2005, with more than 19 years of R&D experience, more than 200 workers, a factory area of more than 8000 square meters, three subsidiaries, six years of output up to 1000-2000 sets.
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Founded in 2005, SureStar has been focusing on the development of LiDAR products and applications. All the "first" events related to LiDAR in China have been associated with SureStar. 


Top three prizes of Case Study Campaign for Genius UAV LiDAR has been revealed as below The Golden Prize: Mobile application of Genius from Microgeo srl in Italy The Silver Prize: Evergreen Brickworks Toronto Canada from Altitude Geospatial Incorporated in Canada The Bronze Prize: Flood Monitoring & Assessment from Altitude Geospatial Incorporated in Canada

Beijing SureStar Technology Co. Ltd. navigation LiDAR R-Fans-16 and -32 have obtained Radiation Safety Certificates issued by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This means these two SureStar products can be imported into the United States for sale and gives SureStar its first victory in the highly competitive US navigation market.

  • SureStar is popular overseas

    SureStar is popular overseas